10w led on motorcycle

I have 3 10w led lights on my motorcycle, but they burning out in time. I guess its because 12v/11A sums up way beyond 10w? Is there some  easy solution, like resistors or diodes ?

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Jack A Lopez8 months ago

I suggest using a constant current source, i.e. a driver circuit for to regulate the current to your LEDs and keep that current constant. That way you actually know how much current (and power) is going to your LEDs, and you will be less likely to overpower them.

Yonatan248 months ago

Are they getting actual 12V?

Are they attached to a heatsink with thermal paste/adhesive?

SamaelsL (author)  Yonatan248 months ago

yes, they are 12v and attached to heatsink, problem is, that fully charged battery holds over 13v and even more when generator kicks in

That explainjs everything. Lower the voltage!

petercd8 months ago

I guess its because your bike is actually delivering 14V + instead of 12V, and you most likely dont have a proper constant current driver for the leds.

Downunder35m8 months ago

I don't know of any legal way to use 10W LED lights on a motorcycle, so I assume that is the main cause of failure - not designed for the task.

degrooty8 months ago

Can you post a picture?