12V 5m LED strip. Cut into 1m, how much V per metre?

So I've bought one of those 12V LED strips. I want to install a 1m length of LEDs. Do I need 12V for each of the 1 metres or will I need something like 4.5V per metre. Thank you

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There LED strip is already marked where to cut and 1 metre of LED strip will require 12 Volts, what I recommended is that you take an 8 AA battery holder and hook it up to the LED strip. Hope this helps you if it did chose it as the answer :).

iceng2 years ago

And the 12V bus is wired from section to section in the flexible LED strip automatically for you. UNTIL you cut it.

All you need to do is supply a DC supply capable of delivering the needed current without drooping that important 12 VDC !

You will still need 12V for each of the 1 metre sections, but these 1m sections will draw fewer amps than the full 5m strip.

You can only cut at the marked areas and each piece will still require 12V to run.


Correct and succinct.