12v dc motor selection

i have made chassis for my robot which is around 15-20kg.which motor would suitable for it?

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I would recommend this motor:


It is easily controlled by all microcontrollers, it can operate fine under a load of up to 20kg, and it comes with a variety of horns* for attachment to many different wheels of your choosing.


Good luck on your robot!

iceng2 years ago

A service robot can make do on a fractional HP stepper

A Fighting robot needs two 3HP machines

A Speed robot would like two series 3/HP machines

A XCountry robot needs four 3.5 three phase machines.

+1, Good place to start
rickharris2 years ago

How fast do you need it to go

what sort of torque will be required

What sort of acceleration

What size of battery will it carry

All these things have a huge effect on your choice of motor.


we like numbers :)

-max-2 years ago

All those questions should be basic and easy to answer, perhaps tedious, but still not require heavy thought. You know what you stuff you need the motor to do, but not me. Then you should be able to look around for something that meets these specs. That could be a small hobby motor at radioshack, a 12V drill motor out of an old cordless drill, or a fancy brushless high efficiency 3 phase motor with the 3 phase inverter, often called an ESC in the RC hobby. Hobbyking is where these outrunner motors are bought, and they can deliver many hundred watts of power! (I have even seen ones that were smaller than a soda can, but capable of delivering 3.5HP, or 2 609 watts!) These outrunners (especially low KV ones) have pretty high torque standalone and also reasonably high RPMs!

-max-2 years ago

What is the purpose of the motor? How much load is it bearing? Is efficiency, cost, size, weight, or power consumption a priority? Does it need to be precisely controlled? Is the load impedance low or high? (like, is the shaft need to fast with little torque, or does it need to be slow with lots of torque/force to really drive the load properly? The type of motor selected (outrunner vs inrunner) and the gearing selected will be critical to get the most HP.)