12v footswitch help.

432-1212 from digi key. 
Can this be wired up to work with a 12v battery.
I'm wanting to wire this between my battery and bilge pump for a on and off switch it probably will get wet or I should say soaked.  I couldn't find any cheap footswitchs online so I'm thinking maybe I could make one?

Kirschbj2 years ago

I wouldn't recommend putting any switch like that under water, it'll just lead to an eventual wiring nightmare, especially if you're in saltwater. I would get a rule float switch like this http://www.amazon.com/Rule-35A-Marine--Matic-Mercury/dp/B000O8DA3M/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1434407485&sr=8-2&keywords=rule+a+matic+float+switch and wire that in line with the bilge pump. That's the best and most reliable way to keep your bilge dry.

aeronut017 years ago
It may say 5 amps, but it's 5 amps@125 volts.  Lower the volts to 12, and it should handle more amps.  Stick this switch in a plank of wood.  Have another piece of wood hinged to the edge of the first one and resting on top of the button switch.  Not so hard to do.
Re-design8 years ago
That one is only rated to 5 amps.  What does you pump pull?

It is not waterproof so it will work but not for long.  Probably for several weeks or months though.  I had a trolling motor foot switch break and I replaced it with a plain push button and it worked for longer than I expected even though it was exposed to water.  You can get waterproof switches.