12vdc to 5.how to convert ?

i have one supply unit at 12 volts and i want to get 5 volts also. i need resistance or voltage regulator like lm317?

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Re-design8 years ago
Regulator. LM 7805. Best option.
luxstar5 years ago

Here is an instructable using a DC to Dc converter:





The data sheet says the input voltage can be 4.5 to 14 volts. The output can be adjusted from one half volt to 6 volts. Murata makes several different devices for different current / wattage requirements;




frollard8 years ago
a linear regulator is the cheapest option - not the most efficient - there are digital switching supplies that bump the voltage up or down (boost or buck) at near 95% efficiency, where the lm7805 burns off more than half the energy to drop the voltage down to the required level. Just a thought.
napoleonis (author) 8 years ago
thanks a lot :D
led2358 years ago
5v regulator! wot woot