1590d master lock won't open?

I just got it and I can't open it to change the combo, and the lock didn't come with a combo, so I'm kinda lost with how to open it. Got any ideas?

Picture of 1590d master lock won't open?
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Rebreg (author) 4 years ago
Well I finally decided to cut the back off...
Now I need to glue or weld or somehow put it back together

Any ideas?
kelseymh4 years ago
Did you even try typing your question into Google? Or are you too dense for that? The instruction sheet is the very first hit after the ads. If this is really "brand new from the package," then you have the factory preset combination, which was included in the package from which you removed it, and you can follow the instructions at the top of the page.
Rebreg (author)  kelseymh4 years ago
i have the instructuin sheet. and the first thing that i did was google it, (also i find you calling me dense, offensive), it did not come with a factory combo.
kelseymh Rebreg4 years ago
The factory combo is either printed on a sticker that was attached to the lock ("brand new from the package"), or it was on a sticker attached to the instruction sheet included in the package. If you don't have either, then it was not "brand new from the package."
Rebreg (author)  kelseymh4 years ago
i didnt ask this so people can tell me where to find the instructions. im looking for a way to find the combo without the factory combo.
kelseymh Rebreg4 years ago
If you don't have the factory combo, then you can either cut through the lock using professional tools (for example, ask your site security office to use their bolt cutters), or your can learn how to pick the lock. Look up "combination lockpicking" on Google for instructions.
Read the instructions. Chances are they will tell you how to open it for the first time. If it is brand new out of the package that is. If not then a combo may already be set and your out of luck.
Rebreg (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
i know how to open it, it was brand new from the package. but it did not come with the default combo