19.2 volt drillmaster charger won't charge the battery?

is ther some fix for getting the drillmaster battery charger for my 19.2 volt charger to work don't have a clue what is wrong?

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Check the charger with a multimeter. My wife got me a drill master drill for Christmas (the 18V one)and the charger it was putting out 36V! and according to the specs on the transformer its only supposed to be 22 or something.
also If your leaving your batteries on there longer than the recommended 3 hr then your cooking them and they are toast.
Keep in mind the chargers are none regulated power supplies. So the output when test by a meter with no load will be higher then expected. When you put a load on it the output will be within spec.
cusmith03 (author) 5 years ago
I am sure its not the battery, I have a second battery that has some charge on it, still will not charge
IN you know what your doing then you should be able to open it up and find the problem. If not then your better off buying a new charger.
Are you sure its the charger and not the battery?