2 Outdoor storage tents collapsed. Any ideas on what to do with the tent poles? OD 2" & 1.5" Aluminum poles abt 8' long.

It said they weren't rated for the Northeast; guess I should have listened.  Some of the connectors and bases are not damaged.

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l8nite7 years ago
I have a couple of the portable carports but then Im in florida so no snow load... I use them as patio covers, storage and our annual haunted house so Im always looking for used one where the tarps are wrecked and ppl would rather just buy new....go figure huh....  Anyway.. they are pretty much like erector sets just use the pieces you have and make smaller structures to go over a picnic table or what ever. One thing I do with extra poles is make leg extensions of about 10" so you can walk under the sides w/o smacking your head
seandogue7 years ago
It's always nice to have telescoping utility poles if you're a camper or have occasional need for an impromptu, albeit TEMPORARY tarp.

Failing any usefulness, take them to a scrap yard or give them to someone who *can make use of them. There's a reason why they thought that it was worth more than platinum when they capped the second Washington memorial with a pyramid of Aluminum. Conversion of Bauxite to aluminum is a costly and environmentally unfriendly process.

SO you want to replace the poles ? 
Bamboo ?

Jayefuu7 years ago
Pole vault?
Badminton net, a huge wind chime, yard art, artistic fencing, or summer tent for relaxing without mosquitoes.