2 axis cnc nibbling machine?

300 * 400 X Y axis movement cnc nibbling machine. we want to made college project . plz help me out with any better idea?

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rickharris6 years ago
Study the CNC machines that are here and documented.

Check out commercial power drive nibbelers (I guess your not going to make one.

Put the 2 together.

If you intend to use this in the future I would make it a big as you can - generally your going to find bigger is preferable to too small.
umair17 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
thanks i m also thinking as to put nibbler & cnc table together but problem is nibbler direction ..... it cut only in forwards direction not in backward. i m thinking about to cut a contour shape, so what you suggest? what will b the possible movement of the nibbler for cutting circular shape? is it possible we give rotating movement to nibbler and automate it . and it rotate with possible circular profile? what will be the design?
boingx6 years ago

I am not sure what advantage a nibbler would have over a mill. The nibbler has to have a rotational axis to point the tool into the cut. It also has the disadvantages of requiring an initial hole and having a wide kerf.

I think it might be easier to make make a simple mill.


umair17 (author)  boingx6 years ago
dear we r assigned to do that specific job. we know its disadvantages but we have to do that project in every possible way. i m just facing problem in selection of nibbler available in market & then its rotation? have you any better idea?
Why nibble and not just plasma ?