2 computer sharing a single USB barcodce scanner?

Hi all,

    Has anyone know how to share the USB barcode scanner with 2 computer?

frollard5 years ago
a barcode scanner generally (not always) shows up as a keyboard, whatever is scanned is typed in one character at a time (very quickly) followed by the keypress for hitting enter.

Generally you can't have a keyboard or usb device act as an input device to more than one computer at the SAME time.

Allow me to rephrase: What are you trying to do? Often solving a small difficult problem can be superseded by changing the intended design.
+1 Knowing what the OP is trying to do would help. Otherwise, scanning the codes to a DB would allow any number of computers to get that info (with the correct programming).
The easiest way you can share USB devices between computers is to use a USB Switch. You will have to switch manually, either through a physical switch/button on the USB box or via a hotkey combination on the computer. Do a search (with your favorite search engine) for that term and many will pop up.

agreed -- my concern is they want one scan to go to both computers.