200 disc CD player to DVD conversion?

Is there a way to convert a 200 disc cd carousel/ player into a dvd player? I like the idea that it would just be a matter of swapping the hardware and hooking up a new laser, but I am a bit naive in that department.... I also like the idea of letting my kids one day pick through the dvd CASES and avoid getting PB&J all over my disc collection? Your thoughts?

the below was the only decent sized image I could find of what I am looking for in general terms... note this item is already a dvd player. The one I am looking to convert is at my brother in laws, and only plays cd's (also a sony).

Picture of 200 disc CD player to DVD conversion?
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frollard6 years ago
I hate to be a downer - but if you don't have a HUGE amount of electronics experience, and some sort of EE degree, you're simply not going to be able to do it. Unless you TOTALLY replace the guts with your own controlled dvd player and carousel control, it simply isn't going to happen. :(


Because the component parts (carousel part and DVD player part) will both be gleefully unaware of their partner and each's role in the whole system. When it comes time to change disks, it won't know to eject, etc.

Options: Digitize your movie collection to an XMBC collection and just browse from a computer. DVD copying is questionable, but for your own backup use in your own home, if you already own the disk I bet they wouldn't come after you for it. Alternately, duplicate your dvds to cheap media and if they get pbj'd, then they are easy to replace.
kevinhannan6 years ago
Where is Mr T when you need him, eh?
(The A Team for those too young to know!)
RWWESTdesignworks (author) 6 years ago
Thanks! I know you can swap a diesel motor into a gasoline car as long as there is a compatible transmission, wiring harness etc, I just wondered if it would be as simple to do the same with the dvd player. As for the honest response, there's a fine line between telling someone to do their research better and as typically one either answers everything under the sun for a 13yr old kid with no intention of actually doing anything with the answer or absolutely flaming them, and making them feel stupid and leave the site. Your response was perfect.
Glad to be of service :) I generally only flame the ones that ask "can I make a dvd player out of a laser pointer and a diesel engine?"
orksecurity6 years ago
Forget it. "The new hardware" would essentially consist of replacing the complete guts of the player with the guts from the corresponding Sony DVD player. Player mechanism, all the logic needed to decode the disk -- well, that you could theoretically scrounge by ripping apart another DVD player -- and all the logic needed to control loading/unloading of the disks, interlinked so it isn't trying to shuffle disks and play at the same time.

Better bet is to find one of the DVD units for sale used, swap machines, and put your CD jukebox up for sale used to recover some of the cost.

Or take Frollard's alternative suggestions of switching to a computer-based jukebox or making backup media.

The problem isn't going to be PBJ on the disks -- that can be cleaned off -- It's going to be PBJ inside the player when those disks are inserted. Only choices are either keeping the kids hands out of the player entirely, or going with a cheap player for the kids that you can replace if necessary... and/or teaching the kids that unless they treat the box with respect they can't use it unattended. Which last is the best long-term solution, of course.
RWWESTdesignworks (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
PB&J in the vhs slot...I suppose it does look like a horizontal toaster... LOL
I had a vcr whose lid locked unless you pressed both sides evenly (as if with a tape) to prevent most pbj toast vcr disasters :)
Short answer: No.
zack2476 years ago
i would say that it is theoretically possible, but you would have to change discs manually.
what you would do is take the laser lens assembyl and control board out of the dvd player, put it in the 200 cd player (in a way that the lens lines up the same way the original cdplayer lens did) and hook up the motor that controls the cd carousel to a microcontroller (for a more digital solution) or some buttons that are pre-existing on the front of the 200cd player (for a more analog solution)

but i have a feeling that my idea might not prove to be more helpful than frollards.