2" LCD pocket-TV, any ideas for projects?

Rummaging through the attic I recently found my old pocket LCD-TV from the 90's. Since television in Sweden has become digital and It being of the analog persuasion I have no current use for it. What project can I use it for?
Specs are :
2" colour LCD-screen, very low resolution. Enough to watch TV or play PONG but not enough for a C64.
Composite Video input & Analog audio input (mono), via 3,5mm audiojack.
3,5mm audio output (mono)
Runs on 6v (4 AA batteries)

I nicked this image from Frank's handheld-TV pages . Thank you and hope you don't mind, Frank.

Picture of 2" LCD pocket-TV, any ideas for projects?
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Re-design8 years ago
You could build a small hand held oscilloscope with it. I've seen as set of instructions somewhere.
omnibot (author)  Re-design8 years ago
That sounds interresting. I've looked for that to but haven't found it. Any suggestions as to search or site?
EdurusFas5 years ago
I know this is a very late reply, but I still figured I'd post a response. I live in the U.S. and bought a digital converter for my old TV. Then, a year later I found a small LCD TV at a thrift store. It has a connection for AV in. Since you too have a connection for AV in, you are in luck. You could either connect a digital converter (mine has the RCA type outputs so I could get an RCA to jack connection and use the TV in that manner. Or, I can hook it up to a VCR or a DVD player and use it as a small video player. Since I do not have electronic knowhow, I don't know if there is more that could be done by taking it apart and using the parts to make something else.

Good Luck!!!
abadfart6 years ago
you could make a projector
mattccc7 years ago
dafoofoo7 years ago
I agree with Kevinhannan, use it as a nanny cam display unit for the kitchen with a wireless camera's receiver attache to it. The cameras usually come with a receiver that can plug into any TV just buy the cable adapter and you're set.
Can always make a peephole camera and use that as the screen on the back of the door.
kevinhannan8 years ago
A digital to analogue tv converter would be wrong here as the dac box would be unfeasibly big. I think you could use it for a wireless analogue cctv (there are loads and they are cheap, too) and your handheld tv could be the receiver...? Or give it to a tech museum?