2x bipolar transistor?

If I took 2 similar NPN transistors and connected both the bases together, both the collecters, and both the emitters, then put it into a circuit, what would the 2 transistors do? Would the maximum power dissipation be increased or something? 

Re-design7 years ago
I certain circuits the power would be doubled but in other circuits they just wouldn't do anything.  That is they wouldn't work.

What's your curcuit?  what's your goal?
.Unknown. (author)  Re-design7 years ago
I'm trying to make something like this http://www.electronicecircuits.com/electronic-circuits/fluorescent-tube-light-circuit/ but i don't have the 2N3055.
The 2n3055 trans is still available if you want to order it.  Radio Shack in the US carries it in their stores.  So any parts store in Australia should have it.

There is at least one in every well built power supply.  I've even taken them out of non-working better quality boom boxes.
Paralleling transistors is tricky because the current in the collector/emitter is not shared equally unless you take special measures, like adding low value resistors in the emitter leads.