3 axis stepper controller for PC USB?

Hi all I am trying to get 3 stepper motors connected to a PC and controlled by that PC isung USB, is this at all possible? Carl

frollard8 years ago
Arduino makes a great introduction to microcontrollers, and has plenty of IO to do what you need.

They can run either 2-or-4 lines each 14 digital io pins means you can run either 3 or 7 steppers depending on circuit.

Arduino stepper tutorial:

Arduino unipolar circuit:
Arduino bipolar circuit:
modelpilot (author)  frollard8 years ago
Thanks Frollard, that really helps me out a lot. It also seems like the kits are really cheap - relatively speaking. There are no suppliers here in Australia who can provide kits, but I am in no hurry. Thanks again
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