3-way LED Circuit?

I recently published an instructable on how to make an LED bike light, and I want to make some improvements. I want to use a 3-way toggle switch to give the LEDs three modes: on, off, and flashing. I know I will need a 555 timer, but I do not know how I would wire this to the switch.


iceng5 years ago
Here is the circuit and a center off toggle switch.

Buy an LED flashlight at a dollar store that has a controller built-in. $1.50 got me one that has 3 LEDs, runs on 3 AAA, and has a push button that selects on/off/flashing modes. The flashlight came with a screw-on orange wand so someone could use it for directing traffic or something. Using 3 AA cells would give much longer run time.

Or customize a flashlight LED driver that happens to use the ATtiny13A, or build one from scratch. http://budgetlightforum.com/node/799 http://flashlightwiki.com/AVR_Drivers