320x240 tft screen as computer's monitor?

So, I'm running low on cash but I was thinking about how to make a portable gaming console. I can get old computer for as low as 5$, which solve the problem with emulation. The question is: Can I use 240x320 screen as monitor? All I want is playing MAME, NES, SNES, Gameboy and GBA games on that computer. I have a few of those tft availlable with me right now. Getting an old CRT to plug in is cheap but it's heavy. And if it's not possible, is there any other cheap altenative? I'm apologize for my bad English, I don't come from an English-speaking country. Any help will be welcome

-max-3 years ago

Search around at flea markets and stuff and find some old LCD monitors. I saw at an auction about 10 1024x1024 LCD monitors with a small computer (intel pentium D) actually built in!!! They were pretty old, early 2000's, but I bet they wouked just fine and ran windows XP.

Depends on the screen. Does it have a driver board and the ability to connect to the old PC? If not then you'll spend more money trying to get the screen working with the PC then it would cost to buy a new screen that is ready to go.