33cc Gas GS Moon Scooter Help?

Ok, I already posted a question about this. The problem was a mislabeled sticker. Now I have more problems. The problem this time is my dad just randomly came out and started adjusting the idle screws for high speed and idling. It will now not run. I am not sure if he adjusted anything else but I need a bit of help. The engine model number is 1E36F 2-stroke 33cc engine and this is a GS Moon scooter. It has a full tank of gas/oil mixture which is correctly mixed yesterday.

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skunkbait8 years ago
Ok, this is a general answer. It's pretty much the same for most 2-strokes.

First, check and make sure the plugs not fouled. Every time you crank an engine, and it fails to start, you run the risk of fouling the plug.

Make sure there's spark at the plug. Pull the plug out of the engine, and attach it back in the plug wire. Crank the engine. If it doesn't spark, you probably have an electrical issue.

If it does spark, you most likely have a fuel supply/carb issue. Follow these steps:

-Turn the idle screw up fairly high. You need it to run a *little* faster than normal.

-Turn the mixture screw all the way in. Then back it out about a half a turn. The machine "should" start now. Once started, set the idle lower, so that the engine is not revving. Then back the mixture screw out further SLOWLY till the engine starts to stumble. When it starts to stumble, back it in again SLOWLY until the stumble stops and the engine runs smoothly.

-This should have the carb pretty close to right. For further tuning, you'd probably have to take it to a professional.
Wesley666 (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
I know it isn't anything to do with the spark plug. It is clean and is getting spark. Will try the idle screws.
superxaba6 years ago
Hey Wesley66!
I bought the same model as you have. But i got no technical data.
Did you have anything about this scooter in pdf or did you know about some official webpage of the manufacturer?
thx in advance!
Wesley666 (author)  superxaba6 years ago
Uh, yes, I have some info on it. On the inside of the engine there is a model number, I will try and get that again, because if you google that, lots comes up about the engine (Every Chinese manufacturer of stuff makes them, with the gear reducer). I went and looked and it says 1E36F, I have googled it before and there is a decent amount of info on the engine. As for the scooter, try googling GS Moon 33cc Scooter, it should yield some results.

I don't think the "Manufacturer" has a website, I believe these are assembled (Like the engines) by lots of these Chinese places and they all stamp GS Moon on them, so they make them for a company, and they get a cut of the profit, but I have never been able to find a website for any company that makes this specific scooter.

Also, try googling, MonsterScooterParts.com. Its a great site for parts and what not, because the pull starts have a tendency of wearing out on these.

Is there anything specific you need help with with the scooter? Running problems, missing parts? I have been all through mine, so I am also a fairly good source of info on these! Haha! :P

hi i know u posted this along time ago about the gsmoon scooter. Im not sure what the oil and gas mixture ratio is do you know? Thx

I too have the same scooter, I need a new chain( what size?), front brake caliper arm, pull starter, and primer bulb any help would be great.
Wesley666 (author)  F1FanRu5 years ago
Any primer bulb for weedeaters will fit. If you are missing parts, try monsterscooterparts.com. I have gotten pull start and throttle cables from them and I know they sell lots of other parts, everything you will need I am sure.

Chain size should be 25H but you will have to check the length to make sure you get at least enough, although its better to get a few inches extra and removing a few links if needed.
With all due respect Wesley666!
So the truth is, I actually have not bought it, is for sale for 200 USD in Romania, and the carburetor must be changed.
Has no seat, no documents, actually has nothing, just the machine itself and a worn rear tire.
If you know anyithing about the correct gas/oil mixing rate it would be useful.
And if you think it can be used in a small plains town, twenty miles a day...
Wesley666 (author)  superxaba6 years ago
If you can see if he will go lower then it would be a good deal, but you can buy these at Canadian Tire for $150, so he shouldn't even be charging $200 for it. From mine, what does it look like its missing? Is the engine, except for the carb there? If you know what is missing, then look it up, or I can if you want, on MonsterScooterParts.com, to see what it would cost to fix it up. And yes, this would easily do 20miles in a day, but it only goes about 30km/h, but I do use mine sometimes for running around doing errands. I am unsure as to how long one tank lasts, you might want to have a bigger tank if you are going 20 miles without filling up. It does get good mileage though, about 100mpg! But it holds no where near a gallon.

The fuel mixture is 25:1, but I usually mix 2 stroke with a little extra oil, just to be safe, so I am usually running a little closer to 20:1 in mine.
tadba4 years ago
I have a worn out one.it barley moves me and when I oppen the throttle up it and keeps running but doesent move me at all. Idk what it is. It might be a clutch or drive shaft that's worn out.
Wesley666 (author)  tadba4 years ago
Could be the clutch worn out, does the engine try to rev up but you can hear it struggle a bit? The engine might be fine, revs up fine, but the clutch still grabs a little bit, not enough to get the scooter moving, but enough to put a little strain on the engine. Doesn't have a drive shaft, drive shaft is pretty much just a pipe with universal joints on the ends that connects the transmission to the differential in a car. Check the compression, pull the starter slowly, is it fairly easy to pull out the whole way, or does it get really hard to pull a few times? Should be able to feel a fair amount of compression on these. Check see if it has good spark. Check to make sure the carb is clean and clear so that it is getting enough fuel, and check the air filter as well. Trying running it without the muffler, mufflers can become clogged and causing low power issues. If running it without a muffler fixes the problem, replace the muffler, it isn't good to run 2 strokes without mufflers. These are common problems that can cause low power issues.
gilbequick5 years ago
Hey guys, I have this same scooter and am looking for a new top end for it. The piston and cylinder, as well as the needle bearings for the wrist pin. Where can I find them? I checked out monsterscooterparts.com but couldn't find it.

Please help!!!
Wesley666 (author)  gilbequick5 years ago
It will be cheaper to replace the whole engine. Save the old one for parts though!

Google 1E36F, there should be a few Chinese sites that have the entire engine with the gear reducer for like $50. I actually got one free because the people you email do not speak English very well and they wanted me to buy in bulk, so I asked for 1 sample to see if it would suffice for my application and they sent it, free of charge, and I emailed them a month later saying ti was a little too underpowered and crapped out and they said ok, if they could help just email. So ya, trying getting one for free, or asking if you could even buy one as a sample because they like to sell them as 100 or more or something like that.
Wesley thanks for the reply! I've searched and searched and can't find any of the engines for around the $50 range. The cheapest I've found is $99. Do you have any links for the engines around $50?

Thanks for the tip on the samples, I emailed a couple suppliers and and we'll see how that goes.

The reason I need the engine is because my original engine completely locked up. I tore it down and the needle bearings around the wrist pin completely broke down and destroyed the piston and the cylinder. Ohh well, ya get what ya pay for. It still would have been nice if it lasted longer!

Thanks again for the help.
Wesley666 (author)  gilbequick5 years ago
I can't seem to find any in the $50 range, I may have emailed some of the sites that had no price listed and a please contact instead and they may have been where I got the $50 from. You may have to pay a bit more then $50 though, last time I checked was awhile back and these are manufactured by many companies so the sites I looked at might be 100 pages into Google search, I have no idea. I would look into sites like this, they have a picture of the engine (and it looks EXACTLY like the one off the scooter, gear reducer and all) and its one you have to contact. Make sure your excuse for a sample is good. I used that I work with an oil and gas company (give them a name of a real company) and I said I needed a test motor to see if it would be enough power for the small pump they would be to drive. I told them the project was a small pump that anyone person could carry (even smaller people and woman and such) to drain water from small areas due to the flooding they had. Like I mean, you have to make sure your story is air-tight!


The other option, because these are pretty much just a general purpose weedeater engine, you should be able to buy any weedeater and the clutch pads from it should fit into the clutch bell on the reducer unit on the scooter without modification. This method, although possibly much cheaper and lends itself to being able to put on a larger engine, however, with my luck I would buy the one weedeater with a different sized clutch. The only reason I suggest this is that I have taken many weedeaters apart because the shaft or engine has gone and they connected perfectly to another shat or engine from another make and model, so they are quite universal. If you did this I personally would want to use a Vernier Caliper to measure the inside diameter of the clutch bell on the scooter and its clutch pads diameter and take some allen keys along to a lead off the bargain finder to remove the 4 or so screws/bolts that would allow access to the weedeaters clutch so I could measure it. I would say 95% of weedeaters would fit though. I would find at least a 33cc weedeater if not larger though.
I'll dig a little deeper into my search. Thank you very much for your replies, you've been more than helpful.
Wesley666 (author) 8 years ago
SWEET! Two strokes can be finicky, but they sure are fun when you get them right.
Re-design8 years ago
TAke it to a lawnmower shop. They'll get it running right for you in a snap and probably only charge you a little. Or you can keep tinkering with it until you really get it messed up. Or find a friend who actually knows a little about mechanics and get him to help you learn what needs doing.
Wesley666 (author)  Re-design8 years ago
Lawnmower repair shop is last resort, after a little tinkering with idle screws and what not I will.