4-DCMotor Driver?

help me to connect 4-DC-Motor-Driver-Module to arduino
thank you

Picture of 4-DCMotor Driver?
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steveastrouk6 months ago

Erm. WHAT motor driver ? Where did it come from ? What chips does it use ? Have you got mating connectors for the white signal lines.

The 2 chips are L293D's so the cct will look something like the illustration below (click for full size) cct from http://www.picaxe.com/ interface manual.

You should be able to work out or find out with a meter which connection goes where.

Each L293D will drive 2 DC motors BUT current is limited to 600 mA for each output.

iceng rickharris6 months ago

While the 293D is designed for 4v to 36volts, that driver PCB looks like a 12V design..

rickharris iceng6 months ago

It can be the control voltage can be separated from the drive voltage. My diagram shows them both at 5 volts.


the data sheet shows that pin 8 can be connected to 4.5 to 36 volts for drive voltage.

the only real issue with the IC is the 600 mA current for each output. A lot of even small DC motors draw more under start up and stall the chip.

iceng rickharris6 months ago

Yes, they the motors do draw more at start and at load.

The reasoning for 12v board is the profusion of 16v DC capacitors

I see on the PCB

Downunder35m6 months ago

I would thin wires if you don't have the right plugs and breakout wires.