4 axis Joystick on 2 motors. HELP?

I got a 4 axis joystick that i want to hock up to 2 motors, so when i push it forward both motors turn in one direction (the same for backwards) and when i push to one of the side the motors will turn different ways? can anyone make a schematic?

psymansays8 years ago
Sorry, I didn't see your request for a schematic. I used a modified version of this man's H-Bridge (Copyright Eugene Blanchard August 2007, according to his web site) for my two motor-switching circuits.
psymansays8 years ago
I'm doing something similar using visual basic express edition. The simplest way to accomplish this is using a free compiler, and your pc parallel port (or serial port and a microprocessor) and build some electronics to switch your motors in forwards and reverse.

check out this 'ible to see how I've got it set up. I can help you with some code snippets, but everything I created for this project is in visual basic express edition, just for the sake of speed and simplicity.
rickharris8 years ago
you need to interface the joy stick via a micro controller or a set of relays set up as an H bridge 0 look it up. try Picaxe.com forum for microcontroller advice.