4 ohm subwoofer problem...

I have received a 4 ohm subwoofer, that seems to be "stuck" , I don't know how I could fix this. I also need a way to test the subwoofer because I do not have an amp. Thanks

What HAL2.0 said. Replacement cones with voice coils are available for many speakers (check with a local speaker reconer), but unless it's an exceptional quality driver, it'll probably cost more than the driver is worth. A cone should move in and out without feeling or hearing any rubbing or scratching. To check the voice coil, use a 1.5 volt battery connected to the terminals (briefly). The cone should move in or out.
HAL2.08 years ago
If it is "stuck" the cone won't move up and down. The winding in the magnet is fried, and there is only one brand out there that offers a replacemenr coil.
check out http://www.clubknowledge.com/Car_Audio_FAQ/archives/3609.html
for more info.