6V power supply

I recently took out a 6V DC motor from a CD player.
The problem is that I wanted it to power through the mains but have a 12V step  down transformer.
So, my question is that whether there is any way  I can  power it?  (except by using a 6v step down transformer)

Thank You

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iceng5 years ago
Just feed the 9v to pin_1 of the regulator.

Remember, the 9V battery cannot supply as much current.

First you'll have to rectify it to DC, and then add a regulator ideally.
+1 add a bridge rectifier so the 12V AC output of the transformer is converted to DC. Then add a couple of capacitors and an LM317 Voltage regulator with the right resistor to give you a 6V DC output.
Yes i totally agree to your answer i also use LM317 as my battery charger !
to be a little more efficient but a lot more work, if possible unwind half the secondary windings on the transformer.
iceng5 years ago
Here is a build with your 12V XFMR.

If its got a split secondary, you might even be able to wire it for 6V
mrmerino5 years ago
If your transformer has three output leads, you can step it down to six volts with only two diodes.