6v lantern batteries as a power source in a firework ignitor?

ok so i made my ignitor, and it worked great with the 2 9v batteries when i used steel wool ignitors, however id like to use nichrome ignitors. the 2 9vs just dont do it justice, so i was wondering if anyone thought those huge 6v batteries would work, possibly 2 of them?

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I built a backyard fighting robot for a competition between a friends of mine. Mine had a movable turret that fired roman candles. I used 6v lantern batteries that were tripped off of a relay on the robot which ignited estee rocket motor ignitors, which in urn lit the fuse on the roman candles. We also used just nichrome wire, it worked most of the time but not always. The estee rocket motor ignitors are just disposable nichrome that have been dipped in black-powder. The 6v was more then enough. 12v caused the wires to get really hot, and when we tried the 24v "for the drive motors" it fried the actual insulated leads in seconds! For really small ignitors we have used 2450mAh rechargeable AA batteries. They have the amperage oomph versus regular AA's. Hoped this helps!
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G-force777 (author)  iminthebathroom7 years ago
thank you very much! it does seem to be amperage rather than voltage. makes sense since this is the case with arc welders
You can also dip dampened nichrome wire in black powder if you have access to this. This will make your own estee rocket type motor ignitor!
Kiteman7 years ago
If you have them, try lighting matches with them (to save wasting fireworks). If they work, then they work.

If they don't, they don't.
G-force777 (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
yeah, dont have them at the moment