96 by 286 LED Light strobe.

Hi I am Michael,
and i want to make a Name board which will have 2 parts. it will have 382 in total divided in 2 parts leds96/286.  I want to make a strobe controller for these many leds.  it should blink 96 led at one time and the other 286 at other time.

Please help with the circuit diagram or the schematics



Picture of 96 by 286 LED Light strobe.
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iceng3 years ago

Sorry this is correct..................

iceng3 years ago

Here is a circuit that flashes your sign letters sequentially for as long as there is 12volts DC. There is a time when nothing is lit up using the 017 IC counter..

You would tell us what LED you will use, so the 60 "D" LEDs are 20 ma 1.8v RED and 34 "J" LEDs are 20 ma 3.6v white.

The 2N2222 transistor does not want to push more then 500 ma because the ( gain drops off ), you may need to use a higher current NPN TIP31 for the ""M".....

A 555 timer provides the sequential step clock, change the values to suit yourself.

Send a vid when you are done and flashing.

BTW if you want fading features use a PIC STAMP from Parallax


seedorfj3 years ago

I recommend getting a cheap arduino or knock off arduino. You only need two PMW pins so don't go out and get a Mega, get something like a mini or uno. Watch an arduino led flash tutorial or two and then you should have a basic starting point to writing your own code. As for controlling all of the LEDs, assuming you are just controlling two chunks, not individual LEDs you will just need two semi-beefy transistors. Looking at an average led chart a Super Blue LED has a forward voltage of 3.6 v and a current of about 20mA. Use that information to get your resistors set up using an LED calculator. You will be doing a parallel set of LEDs not a series. Your 286 LEDs could pull up to almost 6 amps so be sure you get a heavy enough transistor, or if you really just want on/off low speed functionality just get relays instead.

Pick your LEDs.

michaelferns1 (author)  steveastrouk3 years ago

hey, thanks alot for a quick reply...

wel my skills are limited in this. but i can make a circuit looking at the diagrams. wat i was planing is flash the Group (DJ) together n (Mike) together...

any idea is i can do it with a 12 volts power supply at 1amp..


michaelferns1 (author)  michaelferns13 years ago

i mean 1st (DJ) and then after 2 secs (Mike)... and it would b awesome if they hold the light for a few seconds and fade then the other group glows and fades slowly...

Red or white leds make some difference in design, So ?

iceng3 years ago

Do you have any electronic assembly skills ?

iceng iceng3 years ago

How about simply flashing each letter in sequence and the dot over the i last....

otherwise it may take 40 ICs to run the LEDs individually !