A Thermal reacting LED?

Ok so I don't know much about LED's, or let alone anything about how electronics work, then only thing I know is how to code on a computer, for a computer, I don't even know how to code a PIC card or whatever... But anyway, I want to make an LED react based on a thermal image, so its camera or Thermal LED or something detects heat in a room and adjusts the power of light on an LED and also turns it off and on, kindof like another tutorial that someone had with the light table, except they didn't have instructions to build it. If you want I can draw a picture of what it should look like, but basically I want to end up with a bunch of LED's to light up when i enter my room, and later on I want to make it so that they shut off when I clap 2 times and make them udjust different light areas, so when I walk in different areas of my room, different lights go on, and then later after that I'll make it so I can change the colours of the lights by saying a different colour. If someone can help menu would greatly appreciate it and when i build it I will post the instructions on this site :D


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frollard7 years ago
Sounds like a cool project, you want different zones in a place to light up based on your location.

I'd recommend a couple things, there's an open source robot vision software suite that allows the computer to use a webcam image to do different tasks. You'd then modify the camera to spit out infrared (filtered) output, such that your leds won't cause the camera to see the light as movement.

Then you need some interface from the computer to the leds -- I'd recommend Arduino, since its cheap, easy to use, and has lots of documentationand is programmed in a fairly plantext language (modified C).

jayjay110 (author)  frollard7 years ago
sounds cool, I dont think you quite get what I mean tho...

I dont really want it to be like a camera, more like this: https://www.instructables.com/id/Infrared-Proximity-Sensing-Coffee-Table-Module/

how when he moves his hand, further and closer to the board, different lighting settings adjust... Also, as i said at the start, Im not very familiar with anything electronic like PIC's or anything, so I dont even have a clue what arduino would even do, and how it would help...

Ive also noticed that next year, I will be using PICAXE at school, so im hoping ill get used to that, whatever it is, I think its got something to do with micro-controllers (am i right?)

Lol sorry 4 being all over the place with this...

No problem -- yeah, like that ible you can build it just like that -- but it might have a hard time sensing a person without hundreds of ir detectors around the room. Knowing exactly where the person is is quite important... hence why machine vision is useful :)
jayjay110 (author)  frollard7 years ago
Oh... I see, so how would I set up machine vision, as I said before, Im a BiiiiiiiiiGGGG noob at this...

I made a Picture of the entrance, and how it could be used with the ir sensors or whatever they are, maybe I could test out both and compare them, and write it on the instructable i make when i finish it...

Here is the Picture (only one for now):

Red Circle = Sensor
Red Arrow = Sensor Range


For some reason its on its side? imgshak did something wrong but dont worry u should get the picture...

What you should do is upload the picture to instructables -- then the picture can't get removed somewhere down the line if imageshack goes down...

anyhoo --
If you only want it in a doorway, then do exactly as the instructable shows -- you should be able to get away with the same emitter detector network they use. As for specific details, read the ible, and ask any questions to the author.
jayjay110 (author) 7 years ago
thankyou soo much :D