A VERY simple Arduino Servo Tutorial?

I'm pretty much new to the arduino stuff and I was planning on making a biped robot. But first before all of that I need to know how to use servos. :P Is there someone out there that can maybe post a very easy to understand tutorial of how servos work? I've read ladyada's tutorial on the arduino. So basically I understand all of that but I'd like to know how to control servos and how to program them.

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diffas7 years ago
Hey! I made an installation were i had to controll 4 servos. Take a look at my blog and see if it help you!There is the controlling code for the arduino and Openframeworks. It's in spanish, so i hope you can understand it. www.davidpenuela.blogspot.com
rickharris8 years ago
Throw the Arduino away if you are not C++ competant and go for a Picaxe programmed in Basic and designed to interface directly to Servos

Soldier65758 years ago

Check out the Roboduino. Its designed for using servo motors. We have an instructable at: https://www.instructables.com/id/Putting_Together_the_Roboduino/

You use the same Arduino software for programming, etc.
Alcreion (author)  Soldier65758 years ago
I was wondering about this roboduino. But the thing is I ordered the arduino way before I saw the roboduino. and at the moment i kinda want to work with the arduino.
UziMonkey8 years ago
Servo motors are not difficult to control. They require you to give it pulses of specific widths for the angle it should set to. I've never used them, but they seem pretty simple. See here for a tutorial.

If this is over your head, consider lighting some LEDs with the Arduino first. Don't start building your robot before you can do the simplest of things. Walk, then run.

Speaking of running, a bipedal robot sounds exceedingly difficult. I recommend starting with something with wheels. Wheels are easy, legs are not. Balancing is really difficult, so two legs is going to be 'really' hard.
Alcreion (author)  UziMonkey8 years ago
I've already looked at some tutorials on bipeds, and I have done very basic stuff with the arduino. But thank you fo showing me a tutorial. I will think about building my robot now.