A good way to clean/ polish badly tranished brass?

I have a brass bed that's badly tarnished. Tried Brasso with limited success. Becasue the bed is a large area to polish elbow grease would wear an average person out! Does anybody know of a better way to polish Brass?

ShadowTwo8 years ago
Brasso is best (the old style liquid is the one). Use a pad of VERY FINE steel wool, rubbing until the surface is blackened, then let dry and buff. You can store a used pad in a plastic bag and use for touch-up. And a little trick I learned in Army OCS: Cigarette ashes are an EXCELLENT fine abrasive: Just get some on your finger tip and polish away small spots on buckles.
TNEN8 years ago
Alicat53808 years ago
try kaboom bath tub and tile cleaner
Brasso is very effective, what about using a buffing pad in a power drill ?