A guitar question: The Turny thing on my guitars tuner fell off.

The actual tuner is still there, but i cant use it to tune only to hold the string.  Im wondering if theres a way i could get the part back on or build another part. Ive thought about sodering but i didnt think that would be enough to hold it. I found the thing that you turn ,but, sadly lost it again cleaning up for a party. I really like this guitar but do not want to spend the $$$ to buy new tuners. If it makes a difference its a carvar les paul style guitar.

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lemonie8 years ago
Is it the knob that broke off the machine head-shaft? I've seen these replaced with tough epoxy compound. They don't look the same but they work.

octopuscabbage (author)  lemonie8 years ago
The thing you phsyically turn is broken off. How sturdy do u think that would be? 
octopuscabbage (author)  octopuscabbage8 years ago

How strong do u think the epoxy would be?*

If the metal parts still work and it's just the bit that you twist with your fingers - I have seen it done and last. I forget what it was exactly, but it was something very similar to "Plastic Padding Chemical Metal" which I think is like "JB Weld"?
You squish a blob onto the metal shaft, let it set, then you add some more, but form it into a key-shape with a bit of tape. When it's dry sandpaper it down to a better shape. If it doesn't break after a month you could then spend some more time sanding and painting it.


octopuscabbage (author) 8 years ago
problem with that: new holes would have to be drilled.
Re-design8 years ago
Check stewmac.com.  They might have tuner parts.