A homemade present for a 10 and 12 year old boy ?

Hi all

I am skint, having to make pressies for everyone this year, doing okay until i came to my two nephews, ones 10 and ones 12, does anyone have any ideas ?  I am very crafty and have lots of stash, just dont have the money to go and buy a pressies, any help at all would be brilliant, thanks a lot


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TN7775 years ago
Make a gift based on what they like.If they like lizards, for example, make a fabric lizard or a clay lizard-you can probaly find a pattern online. If you know what they like, you can let your creativity run wild-just keep your budget in mind.
jtp1397 years ago
how about a potato gun. my brother made one and he and his kids had a blast playing with it all day.
Something I'm doing this year is making custom action figures and figurines based on the person the gift is for.  Kind of like a characature.

I bought a box of Super Sculpty and will be using it for my base figures.  Then I'm making a mold and casting the figures in plastic.  Overall, it is going to cost me about $20-$30 each, which is more than I planned, but within my budget.

I've been making decent progress and have virtually no sculpting experience, so there is no worries about skill.  Sculpty clay is a very easy medium to work with.  The best thing about it is that is doesn't dry up!  When you're done, put it in the oven to make it harden.
ijustlovecraftymess (author) 8 years ago
thank you all for your wonderful replys, i have the added problem - there mum and dad, does not allow at all full stop, glues, paint, pens etc in the house - i argue like mad with them about this, as everykid loves doing this, they have 7 kiddies and when they all come and stay, i make as much crafty mess as i possibly can with them, i was thinking about printing some playing cards with there football teams on the back, but i printed them out and they look crap !!! can anybody help with that lol - thanks a lot

Judie xx
Z..8 years ago
Nice avatar SD! I love that little fella!

Ijlc: the belt can be made holster style, to fit under a jacket.
j0nip8 years ago
I gave my nephews boxes of craft stuff and instructions (as ideas) . they loved them and they asked for them again for a couple of years. I put in stuff like papers, glues, glitter, bits of wire, paste to make papermache, balloons, those puff things for packaging, wool,  etc. 
I just collected stuff- some people I knew even gave me things they had stashed but no longer wanted. 
Z..8 years ago
You could make them a kind of belt thing which widens at one point. Put a zipper on that part, for them to carry keys or some small change.

It isn't a bum bag as we call it, (fanny bag??),-it is a belt. So it is masculine.

seandogue Z..8 years ago
Good idea...makes me think of something for their bicycles as well...
seandogue8 years ago
Well, it's been a while since I was that age, and it's tough without knowing what the kid likes to do...but I'll give it a go...

1. Some sort of holder for tools or personal posessions..but it has to be boycentric...No boy wants something that looks girly...strike that, *most boys...
a cool box or pouch

2. Knit a pair of socks or sweater for each. They may not like them, but they'll never forget Aunty <insert name> Trust me, They'll NEVER forget! ;-)

just kidding a bit...I do still remember the socks my Aunt used to send me for Christmas when I was young, and while I didn't appreciate them like I should have, at least not visibly, they were nice gifts and I wore them till they were threadbare. And my mom made me a vest I hated when I was 14 but I wore for nearly 8 years before it finally gave out...wasn't stylish but it was warm...

3. Tools for their own crafting...I've found that crafting goes in families, and if you are, it's quite possible that they are or will be...get them started with some nice gizmos that will come in handy in whatever pursuit you think they're interested in...ask their mom or dad for advise on that front...

I'll followup later if anything else comes to me.

PS please send me some stash..I am also skint and can't buy any...not to mention I'm getting too old to find anyone to buy it from ;-) (final joke of the day)

4. Knit/make a nice warm hat for each for the winter

5. Knit/make and nice warm scarf for each for the winter