A knex fully automatic gun without a motor?

Is it possible? I hope its possible and if anyone know of one point me to it please?

zmxninja6 years ago
if u attach white rods to the white connector (do this twice) you will have cogs. use one on where the motor would be and another where it will touch but you can still turn it. fix these firmly and add a lever from where u want to crank it.
sorry i cant explain too well but i hope you get the idea.
KnexFreek7 years ago
 with a crank
Kinetic8 years ago
i dont have the pieces to try it yet but i have an idea how to make one, it doesnt have a crank, just a trigger. It uses pre-loaded cartridges and as the pin from each cartridge is released, it hits a wheel, causing it to turn and hit the block on the other cartridges, like a chain reaction