A post on a site like Cool Tools or Toolmonger for a set of screwdriver bits which would cover most any need.

A lovely little while ago I saw a post on a site like Cool Tools or ToolMmonger (maybe even Engadget) for a set of screwdriver bits/heads which would cover most need. I believe the set even included some security torx bits. Anyone remember the post or know which set was being recommended?

mgrainger6 years ago
Harbor Freight Sells Several Different Security Sets
orksecurity7 years ago
These sets are widely available from tool suppliers, usually not branded or given any particular name beyond "security screwdriver bit set". (Of course "security" here is a bit of a misnomer; "tamper resistant" is more accurate.)

Websearch should find them with no trouble.

Note that these may not cover "most any need" by themselves, since they're generally sold as add-ons. You will want a standard bit assortment as well.
dan_ce (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
 Hi, then it wasn't that set. This was a combination bit set of standard bits and some temper torx. But thanks for your answer!