A wonderful, intelligent word?

I have a never ending quest to find words that sound intelligent and can be used frequently in day to day conversations. Exactly why I am not sure, but I would be greatful if someone could give me some awesome, intelligent and unusual words. Thanks alot!

Re-design3 years ago
Subscribe to or read at the library "Readers Digest". Each month the have a page with 20 words and multi. choice for the definition. Then on the back of the page they have the words again and their definitions.

But remember that you can't just sprinkle these words around like pepper to spice up your image.  Fancy words out of place will only make you look silly.
A few years back, a Princeton psyhcologist published this study, in which he finds that people who use simple words effectively are more likely to be deemed "intelligent" than those who sound like they're barfing up a thesaurus.
With that in mind: Obfuscation
Brahahahahaha! I generally don't use a lot of big words because when I talk, I want to be understood. There's no point in talking and using a bunch of jargon or big words, and when I see people using big words, they usually do it wrong and have some insecurities.  I've heard a lot of people use words in ways that was sorta right but not really, and it was obvious they were working from a dictionary definition and hadn't read/heard the word in context which means people really need to earn their knowledge the hard way by reading actual books.  However, I've pulled out the jargon when I was really annoyed and wanted to shut someone up.  Sometimes there's no better way to shut someone down than with words they don't understand.  Then I go to my list of insults and curse words.

I would like to offer these words:  Hegemonic, Pedantic, and Arcane.
Ooooh, good words. I'm especially fond of "pedantic". I used to use it in online discussions a lot, but very few of the people I described that way knew what it meant, and most of the rest thought it was a compliment. I gave it up as a bad job, and stopped replying to comments on most online sites. I think everyone is happier that way. I know I am.
rickharris3 years ago
rickharris3 years ago
I hope your erudite and adaptive encompassing utilisation of more complex and technological terminology is fruitful in your expanding oral vocabulary.
Kiteman3 years ago

Try signing up to - you get emails of news words, daily (doh), with meanings and usage.
So you want to be both loquacious and erudite?

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