AC 110-240v to 48VCD adapter ?

Need to have an AC adapter 110-240v to power a 48VCD fan.

The specs of the fan power are as follows.

rated voltage 48VCD
operating Voltage range 36-60VDC
input current 2.07
input power 99.3watts
wiring of the fan are as follows.
Red Wire Positive(+)
Black Wire Negative(-)
Blue Wire (F00)
Yellow Wire Speed Control (PWM)

I just want it to power at full ability. Any help would be awesome.

What does VCD stand for? Did the manufacture print VCD instead of VDC?
Vyger5 years ago
Look at Jameco's site, they usually have all kinds of power supplies.
Re-design5 years ago
You need a transformer. You may be able to buy one that has dual primaries so you can use it either on 110 or 220. Then you need to wire in a rectifier or a bridge, which is basically 4 rectifiers.