AC adapter reuse-Charge My 18V. Dewalt Battery??

I've lost My Stock DEWALT Charger . I have Several 18 volt A.C. adapters - Is There not A way to Make  a charger out of one of The adapters?

jbaker225 years ago
The resister would be a ballast.
nurdee15 years ago
Probably not. Because the adapters are unregulated. This means that the battery will be allowed to draw to much current and may damage itself.

Unfortunately I am afraid that you need to get a new charger.

Check EBAY.

Hope this helps.
jbaker22 nurdee15 years ago
You can prevent too much current draw by putting a resister I series with it. The resiter's rating can be calculated by multiplying current in amps not ma times voltage. Yes you could with more info I can help.