AC motor schematic and design help?

What is the basic schematic for working with a capicitor start AC motor? I recently came into possesion of a AC motor with a starting capacitor, but have been to afraid of using it because I have no idea how to wire it up to the power supply. I know it is 1/2 hp, but that is it. I plant on using the motor as part of a small wood lathe. How can I get it to run?

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fvoho5 years ago
Updated link for above:
Sparkington8 years ago
This website has circuit diagram of a few different type of motors and how they are wired to mains voltage.
My browser can't find it.
This website not available as of 15 Aug 2011 or at least my browser can't find it.
ac-dc8 years ago
Often such motors will have labels or markings to indicate which leads are which. On a typical single phase, the capacitor is wired in series with the aux. winding if it is only capacitor-start. If it is capacitor-run (3 pronged capacitor or two separate capacitors) also, the smaller capacitance value is wired parallel to the point input and the larger in series with the aux. winding. You need to identify your motor, be sure you know it's wiring before proceeding.