AMD-K6-2/400AFQ or AMD-K6-2/350AFR Processor? What's the difference?

I have two processors from junk comps and one is a AMD-K6-2/400AFQ, and one is a AMD-K6-2/350AFR. What's the difference between these two processors. I also have a Pentium III SL52P, is this processor better than the two? I currently run with AMD, and have had good experience with them, but it doesn't really matter to me what brand it is.

Picture of AMD-K6-2/400AFQ or AMD-K6-2/350AFR Processor? What's the difference?
cyberguy918 years ago
And now, the moment you've all been waiting for.... wait.... oh no!!! is it???

Just kidding, here it is:

Processor-----------| Base Speed--| Bus Speed--|-Socket------| # of pins

AMD-K6-2/400AFQ| 400 Mhz--------| 66/100 Mhz--| 7 or super 7| 321
AMD-K6-2/350AFR| 350 Mhz--------| 100 Mhz------| Super 7------| 321
Pentium III SL52P | 800 Mhz--------| 133 Mhz------| Socket 370--| 370

So, in other words, the 400AFQ and the 350 AFR could both fit in a Super 7 socket and the AFQ is the fastest between the two generally speaking. The Pentium III SL52P would not fit in the same socket, but is double the speed of the AFQ as far as base speed goes, and fairly faster as far as bus speed goes.
Hope that helps.