ATX PSU to Multi-Volt power supply and I have PROBLEMS! Chirping/cicking and jumping voltage.

Clicking from voltage regulator, jumping voltage, I'm stumped!

Heres a video of the problem, any help is GREATLY appreciated!!

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Try putting a substantial load on the 3.3V rail- say an amp or two.

flyinfinn (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
You mean to test it and let you know how it goes or to always have a load on the 3.3V rail? Thanks for the help!
flyinfinn (author)  flyinfinn6 years ago
I probably missed your whole point but here I made another video. In this one I run 8 high powered LEDs, running I think 350ma each, so around 2.8amps I'm guessing? Still having power shut on and off...

Anything else I should try? I appreciate it!
There's a good reason why there is a fan - it could WELL be that your PSU is over-temped. How about blowing it with a COLD hair drier and see what happens ?

flyinfinn (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Over tempt from running for 5 seconds? Fan is hooked back up and no change, also hair dryer no change. Thanks
Not impossible, given the stress these parts are under. I can't think of a part that MIGHT tick, unless its a very stressed inductor.