AUDIOPHILE? I have bad distortion/feedback?

Made a ghetto beats boombox from a old logitech surround sound system i had. And my issue is distortion in the subwoofer mostly and when i touch the wires going from the amp to the sub level knob i get really bad feedback through the sub and it will cut out also. I know the wiring is a cluster fudge and this was just a "going to wire it up to see if it works then protect it all later" kinda job. Do you think non insulated wire could be the culprit? Any input is appreciated. Def a newb when it comes to custom audio. I know car audio but this is def different.

And on another note, I was thinking about just getting another amp to simplify it. Any suggestions?

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Tidy wiring has to come FIRST, if you expect the thing to work. I'd guess that you have accidentally messed up a power supply rail, and the sub-amp is locking out because its seeing DC on its output.

Non-insulated wire ? Where ?
ARGMISTER (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
I guess I didn't mean non insulated. But isn't there a wire that is protected to reduce electromagnetic interference like touching the wire? I know there was a few soldering spots that broke off the boards but i soldered them back on very neatly. There is a possibility of a crossed wire but I would think it wouldn't work at all. I will admit i did rush wiring this thing cause I needed to finish it to start more important things. So I guess I will have to go back in and do it correctly or find a new amp to simplify things.
ARGMISTER (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Kinda the same as RCA cables in car audio that are twisted and your not suppose to wire it next to a power/ground wire cause of interference.
ARGMISTER (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
shielded was the word i was looking for and screened also lol cause the original wires i removed had tin foil wrapped around them with the ground wrapped around that then some string around all of it.