About how many amps would i need for my hydrogen generator for it to release about 20 psi?

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jtobako8 years ago
If I remember the calculation, 1 amp (at about 3 volts) for one minute will separate out 1 liter of Hydrogen gas (at STP) and half that of oxygen. 
framistan8 years ago
I dont know that exact answer... but here in ST. louis, there is a tv station that often has programs about renewable energy- solar- windpower etc.  They once had a show on about generating your own hydrogen. I wrote down what one experimenter had discovered was it is much more effective to use PULSES of dc voltage rather than just constant voltage. He claimed to get
a lot of hydrogen/oxygen production using a pulse of 923 hertz.  I think also
there may be some pulse things for making hydrogen on Ebay (when i looked 6 months ago)... just thought i would pass that info along to you. 
oh yes, i forgot to mention, that he claimed to use MILLI-AMPERES rather than AMPERES for a lot of hydrogen production!!!
Is this the same person who started with a 12 volt system, then went to 3 volt and claimed that his system was now 4 times as efficient as EVERYONE elses?
lemonie8 years ago
Can your kit hold 20 PSI without bursting, and at what rate do you want to use the gas?

guyfrom7up8 years ago
it depends on the size of your container, the units don't match up :P

it's like saying how many gallons of gas do i need to go 70 mph