Accelerometer Data (arduino) to Android Device Via Bluetooth

Looking to do a mini project. I need help sending the data i recieve from the accelerometer to an android device.. Is this possible and how!

iceng2 years ago

Lethalxp1 sent me a PM

"Im totally new to all of this so i dont really know which one would be better to use. I want the easiest one to be fair."

A very reasonable approach, it depends on what you are most comfortable doing

This is a teaching site. Some other members may help you with the software you want to learn.

iceng2 years ago

What acc are you using ?

Like is it a 3 axis w digital out

or a plain analog ?

Lethalxp1 (author)  iceng2 years ago
Im using an adxl 335 or an adxl 345
iceng Lethalxp12 years ago

They are both 3 axis acc. Both will need programing to format a serial digital stream to a Bluetooth input

The 335 is a simultaneous three analog signal acc that needs a triple sequential ADC IC to convert what is collected and passed on to the Bluetooth.

The 345 is a smart serial output acc that converts 3 axis automatically to digital and only needs the software overhead setup to present serial data to the Bluetooth.

Which are you planning to use ?

How are you at Arduino programming ?