Adult traing bike.I have an electirc 2 wheeled bike, really do making it into 3or 4 wheeler, as i have poor balance.

As i have said i hace a fairly new electirc 2 whelled bike, it gives me my freedom without been in my wheelchair, but my balance at time is not great. So i would little to put on extra wheels but all we can find is kids training wheels, which are to small and not strong enough. I dont want to damage my new bike to much as it is so new. Had we thought and had more money we would have brought a 3 wheeled model but they were double the price, The motor bit on the bike is at the front, so the back is just like a normal bike Hope you may be able to help

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psymansays8 years ago
A replacement, two-wheeled, front end could be welded onto the frame, like the front end of an old go-kart. I wrote an 'ible that shows how I built something similar, a two-wheeled steering mechanism with bicycle wheels. I built it for a robotic project, because it would not have been able to balance on only two wheels, so my version uses an electric motor to steer it, but bicycle forks can be modified to connect to a steering tie rod, for something like that.

put the motor in front, then add one of these on the back.

or you should have just bought an electric wheel and put it on a recumbent trike.
XOIIO8 years ago
Aside from a picture, i would suggest trying to mod it so the motor is in the back, making it easier tyo turn, giving more control and thus balance.
wupme8 years ago
Yeah a picture is necessary here. I already got an idea with a modified large rear axle and 2 wheels on it, but well without seeing the bike its hard to say if it would work. Also a closeup of the rearaxle could be helpfull.
Kiteman8 years ago
A picture of the bike would also help, or a link to the manufacturer's website with an image of the same model.