Advice needed on vibrating motors.?

For a quirky present for a friend I am making a sink plunger seat like this one . Instead of just a saddle I plan to make the seat bigger and in the design of something vaguely saddle/potty-shaped (a veebeam if you are interested, as he worked on them). Anyway for amusement rather than kinky reasons(!) I thought it would be cool to make it vibrate with a remote control.

And as I know nothing about vibrating things, my question is does anyone know what I should be searching for? Brand names would be great. It doesn't have to be strong but it needs to be felt through a thick pad of stiff padding/foam and preferably with a separate remote control. Also, is there anything I need to be worried about or such like?

Sorry for such a rooky question but I've spent two hours on the internet and all I kind find is how to convert vibrating chairs into XBox chairs and things that are not safe for work(!) Thank you for any help

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Drobs5 years ago
As the guys above have mentioned you're looking for an eccentric rotating mass motor, also known as:

ERM motor
Vibration motor
Pager motor

For help with the mounting and driving it, all the information you need is here:

For the remote control you will probably need a microcontroller (try Arduino for starts) unless there's an 'out the box' remote control switch someone knows of?

Its cheaper quicker and more effective to cannibalise a cheap toy to get the gear you need.
Find a nice motor, and put an eccentric weight on it. That's all it needs to be. The remote control is the easy bit....

minipoppy (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Gee thanks everyone this was very helpful.
And I always thought an accentric mass motor was my great aunt Nin in her old morris miner!
rickharris5 years ago
You have 2 choices for a DIY approach -

1. A smallish motor with an off center weight on the shaft - A hose clip may be enough.

2. A butt kicker. As these are called. A loud speaker with a weight attached to the cone - When fed with low frequency sound via an amplifier it vibrates