Affect on pacemakers?

Can MIG or TIG welding equipment be safely used around pacemakers?

audreyobscura9 months ago

You are essentially making a big electromagnetic field between your welder and your project, so I would say no. I don't even weld with my phone or my keys in my pocket anymore. I had a TIG welder toast my electronic car key - $400 to replace it - better not to risk something as serious as pacemaker!

Hmmm... What about a video camera? Youtubers record themselves welding. How far away do you think the camera should be (estimation, of course it depends on both...)

Your cameras actually have a fair amount of EM shielding within them. I had cameras very close to my weld beads while I was making this class.

On that note, protect your camera! Molten weld slag will stick to your lens and camera body. I was wrapping my camera in aluminum foil and picked up a slew of extra lens filters to swap out after too much slag has stuck to one.

In the 5 days that it took to just shoot stills for this class I think I went through 8 filters. Be advised youtubers!