After puncture in the freezer, the cylinder on the back underneath water tray is hot

I was deicing freezer in the refrigerator and accidentally puncture. Gas went out for a few seconds. The refrigerator has topped working. When I cleaned the back and trowed away accumulating water, the cylinder beneath is still hot.
Any possibilities or repair?

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Jack A Lopez2 months ago

Please allow me offer my sincere and heartfelt condolences on the loss of your frigidator.

If it is any consolation, you are not the first person who has destroyed a refrigerator, in exactly this manner. See:

Downunder35m2 months ago

A repair is certainly possible and would start by fixing the hole.
But to re-gas you need the right refrigerant and equippment, not a DIY job unless you really know what you do.
Some airconditioner repair joints will also fill your fridge if yu had the hole properly fixed, a fridge repair man will do it all but they are hard to find these days and depending on the fridge it might be easier to buy a new one.
I have done a few small aircon systems and freezers but in almost all places these days you will need a license to handle refrigeration stuff and equippment.

rickharris2 months ago

My best guess is you killed it. The cost of repair is likely to be more than a new fridge.

iceng2 months ago

When the GAS is goon, everything is damaged by oxygen getting into the system and may never work again, even if you refill the correct gasses..

After several days O2 dissolves into the metals and previously sealed fittings... BTW ruining the compressor now will damage the motor because part of the gas was a special lubricant...

steveastrouk2 months ago

Very likely unrepairable, or uneconomic

petercd2 months ago

Call out the aircon pro's, it needs a repair and re gas.