Airsoft Equipment?

Hey guys, I have an upcoming air soft field game coming up and was wondering what other gear I should get and what i should use. As of right now I have:
  • Echo1 Tactical M4
  • Red Dot/Flip Up/Carry Handle Sight
  • Grenade Launcher/Bi pod/Fore grip
  • Gas Blow-back M1911
  • Modded Spring shotgun
  • Rpg
Tactical Gear
  • Camo Shirt Pants
  • Mag pouch
  • Holster
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Tactical Backpack

First of all: the essentials gloves, main weapon M4, read dot, carry handle, fore grip, DONT bring the bipod unless you are sniping, boots, mag pouch,
M1911, backpack(put the shotgun in), If you don't like my choices dont use them! Stuff to buy defianatly glasses, and or a mask or helmet (a BB in the eye is no fun) I hope this helped you decide, and GOOD LUCK! - PotatoCoffee
a good place to get good airsoft for cheep is
KnexFreak360 (author)  knexinventer5 years ago
Exactly, that is in cheaply made airsoft stuff.
this is my tack gear list that i will be using soon

full bode marine camo
tack vest
mesh goggles
ammo carry bag
speed loaders
ski mask
running shoes
finger less gloves

m1a1 Thompson