Airsoft Grenade?

I have been looking at instructables about airsoft grenades with firecrackers, I just need to know the name of the firecrackers, and where you got them. Thanks!!

Sean C.7 years ago
I've used Bunker Busters before. They're small, but have a big explosion. Most importantly, they're cheap. The last time I bought some, I bought 1 box of 100 for about $3.00. The prices might have gone up, but I don't think so. Another good grenade propelant is the M-80. Probably the most recognised firework in the world, the M-80 packs a punch. I'm not sure about the price of these. I buy my fireworks at South of the Border in South Carolina. Before you go buy any, make sure they are legal in your state.

Hope this helps!
Goalie1 (author)  Sean C.7 years ago
It Does! Thanks!!!!