Airsoft grenades that dont used explosives, Vinegar or baking soda, or balloons filled with water and bbs?

Sorry about the pickiness of the nade but i dont have access to that stuff and Balloons just dont work ( unless if u can find a good idea of how to use balloon nades).

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toogers7 years ago
if you have fairly wide springs, pour airsoft pellets into a film can. then, jam a spring into the can, push it down really hard, and throw it. use a fairly weak spring though.
jakee1178 years ago
I got my grenade here is the link to my review
meanbean8 years ago
This one is very good, even though it's not really a grenade. No messy chemicals, fireworks, or ballons. Reloadable mid battle!costs about $1 for every one you make.
jakee1178 years ago
cheapness, im getting one, its in the mail now, I'll update u when I get it...
Matt21497 (author)  coolpizzadude8 years ago
sorry but i dont wanna use vinegar or baking soda cuz it can wreck ur gun
Matt21497 (author)  coolpizzadude8 years ago
doesnt always pop right
I know
killerAP8 years ago
Matt21497 (author)  killerAP8 years ago
were do u get party poppers from?
nearest part store! also very cheap from dollar stores.