Almost there...?

Well, i did it! Almost. :)

My bottle was a little bit complicated, so I had some printing and postprinting issues (removing supports, bad quality print...) but I'm satisfied after all.

JON-A-TRON6 months ago

Good first try! Looks like you've got some dimensional errors- the cylindrical cutout seems to have a diameter that's too small to enclose the whole cap. You can fix this by changing the diameter of the sketch you used to make the extrusion- the cutout shape will update automatically.

lovronix (author)  JON-A-TRON6 months ago
I think that the problem is in printing. I double checked the sketch dimensions and all is good. I even used 0,5mm offset. It looks like too much of the filament is going out but even after I reduced the filament rate to 70% i get the result in the pictures. I think that the settings are off, but I don't know what to change.

I think you're getting over extrusion. Decreasing the extrusion multiplier might help. This quality guide is the best resource I've found for troubleshooting issues like this:

lovronix (author)  JON-A-TRON6 months ago

Thank you very much!