Alright i want to make somthing for my girlfriend but I'm clueless Can I have some help here?

She likes a lot of things but she is more of a tom-boy she hates pink and skirts are a no-no.
I need lots of help here .  I'm not too poetic and she likes mountain dew but she likescamping and swimming but i dont want to get her clothes.


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paininthebutt (author) 6 years ago
alright everyone we know eachother and have been going out for months but she is a little wierd and suspicous
iceng6 years ago
This is like an NCIS scenario Lol.

seandogue6 years ago
Maybe a compass or a flint-firestarter?
lemonie6 years ago

she likescampin
Get her a high-quality knife/torch/fire-lighting thing etc.
Useful is always welcome.

Vyger6 years ago
Try asking her. i
FoolishSage6 years ago
If you want to make something I suggest you either go for something more artistic than useful crafted out of wood (maybe a pendent or a picture frame), or something more functional than artistic out of a more robust material (camping backpack).
But anything I suggest will be relatively generic. You know her better and know the message you want to transmit with your gift.