Alright i want to make somthing for my girlfriend but I'm clueless Can I have some help here?

She likes a lot of things but she is more of a tom-boy she hates pink and skirts are a no-no.
I need lots of help here .  I'm not too poetic and she likes mountain dew but she likescamping and swimming but i dont want to get her clothes.


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frollard6 years ago
I thought you said it was your girlfriend. You're supposed to know about this person, care about them, and know things like this. That's normal. Doing that to strangers is where stalker comes in.
paininthebutt (author)  frollard6 years ago
we do know eachother it would just make it feel awkward and make her suspicous if i ask you know?
Relationships ARE awkward at the start - thats the part where you learn about each other. Don't ask what she wants, ask what she likes -- then find something that fits.
paininthebutt (author)  paininthebutt6 years ago
and yes she is my girlfriend
May we text with her ?
You might gain insight, we would behave.
lemonie6 years ago
Do your best to help her feel-right. That means being a good friend and trying to understand why she is dysfunctional like that.

The gift is not going to fix her head - talk to her about stuff instead.

paininthebutt (author)  lemonie6 years ago
well this isn't to help her feel better this just a random gift of affection
W'ref "dude are u nuts She will think im a stalker!!!!!" and the comment which you deleted, talk to her first before getting any "random" gift.

Gifts should be thoughtful and appropriate, else people wonder what the hell someone is doing giving them one. Affection isn't always felt if people don't know each other and "random" can lead to someone thinking "what are they up to here?"

paininthebutt (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Dude we know eachother and have been going out for months she likes little things that show her i love her and if i ask her she will get suspicious See what i mean so i am her boyfriend but i just dont want to make her suspicous.

I said talk to her (not ask her).
That is to understand her well enough that you know what she'd like, and much better than some random-internet-people...

Some jewelry electronic.

paininthebutt (author) 6 years ago
alright everyone we know eachother and have been going out for months but she is a little wierd and suspicous
iceng6 years ago
This is like an NCIS scenario Lol.

seandogue6 years ago
Maybe a compass or a flint-firestarter?
lemonie6 years ago

she likescampin
Get her a high-quality knife/torch/fire-lighting thing etc.
Useful is always welcome.

Vyger6 years ago
Try asking her. i
FoolishSage6 years ago
If you want to make something I suggest you either go for something more artistic than useful crafted out of wood (maybe a pendent or a picture frame), or something more functional than artistic out of a more robust material (camping backpack).
But anything I suggest will be relatively generic. You know her better and know the message you want to transmit with your gift.