Alternate Battery for my laptop, will it work?

I got my laptop with a dead battery and I got my laptop from a liquidation sale, now my laptop use one of those battery packs that have a bunch of batteries the size of a AA. Their total voltage is around 14.4v as the battery pack says so, meaning each of the 8 batteries is about 1.8v. The batteries are lithium ion ones but I want to know if it would work to make a battery pack of my own out of alkaline batteries? I got a whole bunch from disposable cameras and want to use them. Now besides that the power adapter says it outputs 18.5v. So which one should I follow when making the battery pack? I will be hooking the alternative battery pack to the contacts the dead battery was so I guess I should make a battery pack around 14.4v. Any comments? Would this work?

Joe Martin8 years ago
Getting battery re-celled would be the best option. When it comes to making battery packs it can be pretty dangerous and could potentially put your life at risk. I would rather go without a battery and save to get it done professionally rather than attempting to do it myself.
fwjs288 years ago
if you use the battery pack with alkaline DO NOT PLUG IN THE LAPTOP, the batteries will explode/leak/catch on fire/ i wouldn't recomend it..and for making you would follow teh 14.4...the extra 4 volts from the power line are for brighter lights and faster hdd rpm and to charge the battery while its on...all in all, just buy a bunch of batteries that are rechargeable..or buy a new battery pack...