Alternate project?

I've already made two sets of coasters*, so how could I make luggage tags? I'm already comfortable with hand-sewing, I've just never done a blanket stitch. They don't need to have a window, so I'd just add a strap somehow and embellish it?

* The ones from my 'ible, and my comment on this one

jessyratfink8 months ago

I looked around a bit on Pinterest, and found this tutorial which might be helpful!

You might also consider assembling them like I make the patches in this instructable. I think you could easily embroider on one piece of felt, back it with another piece of felt and sew on a strap. :)

PattyP178 months ago

You can make a window out of a #1 recycleable food container. I buy mini-muffins at the grocery store every week that come in a flat plastic container. I cut out the flat part of the lid and use it for plastic windows, shrink plastic, and other projects. Recycle plastic #1 is non toxic. You can cut it with scissors. It could be glued into a fabric opening on the flat edges that go against the fabric.